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The high-end APURNA analogue audio amplifier is the product of Catherine and Franck Borne’s shared passion for both beautiful music and made-in-France luxury.

After more than 26 years specialising in on-board electronics, the company launched its APURNA venture in the Spring of 2014.

We’ve focused on the finest technical details to bring you exceptional sound, harnessing our particular expertise in aviation and aerospace.

Beautifully clad in leather, wood, lacquer etc., this amplifier is quite unique and made to measure for each client*, becoming a decorative feature, a luxury item, or perhaps even an art piece in its own right.

The unit’s “interchangeable”* finish means it can evolve as your interior design evolves.

Inspired by luxury watchmakers, the amplifier’s transparent top surface allows you to admire close-up the perfect detail and loving care that has gone in to both the technology and the aesthetics of the piece.

Designed in the beautiful Ardèche and built entirely in France by professional artisans, employing the finest materials with skilful creativity, this audio system is protected by patent.

With our APURNA™ brand we have created a strong identity around a new lifestyle; one built upon music, audio, technology, style and luxury.

Perfect for lovers of music and good living, our Soprano, Evidence and Apogée collections capture the truest expression of music and will complement any interior.

* Depending on model and subject to feasibility

website: http://www.apurna-france.com/index_en.html

contact: Mr Bruno MORATA / bruno.morata@apurna-france.com / +33 6 45 64 76 84


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