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Maison Fey

Maison Fey, a Living Heritage Enterprise since 1910 is settled in the prestigious « Viaduc des Arts », in Paris. Its team of sheathers, colourers, gaufreurs and gilders practice the sheathing of furniture and decoration with leather on desks, walls, ceilings, chairs…

The craftmen of Maison Fey artfully practise the trimming and gilding on desks.
Not only Maison Fey immortalizes ancestral and original techniques, it also imagines new products such as embroidered, embossed, pleated or hand-woven leather
Maison Fey is associated with numerous projects all over the world in collaboration with famous decorators, architects, cabinet-makers and Art galeries.

Maison Fey is certified Living Heritage Company (EPV).

website: http://www.maisonfey.com/

contact: Mrs Fabienne Saligue / +33 (0)1 43 41 22 22 – contact@maisonfey.com


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