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Maison Images d’Epinal

Maison Images d’Épinal is the last imagery in the world. From the 18th century, imageries played a major role in the transmission of popular knowledge. Established in 1796, Imagerie d’Épinal has composed an inestimable heritage, with tens of thousands of images created from engraved wood and lithographic stones. Its workshops in Épinal, still in operation, are home to a unique machine park from the 19th century.

This bicentenary house now proposes interior decoration products as scenic wallpapers, upholstery fabrics, cushions, large format prints. Maison Images d’Épinal is certified Living Heritage Company (EPV).

website: www.maisonsimagesdepinal.com

contact : Christine LORIMY – Associate Director / +33 6 32 53 06 33  – christine.lorimy@imagerie-epinal.com


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