A tour through London’s French design quarters

Discover London’s French Design Enclaves

French design is synonymous with style and sophistication, and with London’s ever-growing status as a global hub of creativity, many French design brands are making the city their home away from home. The second edition of the French Design Trail maps out 23 of London’s finest French showrooms holding a series of events throughout September, when the London Design Festival will have the city buzzing with creative talent.

Along the trail, you will find French savoir-faire on every corner and in various different forms, from artwork, exquisite antiques and decorative objects to bespoke furniture, fabrics, lighting and luxury fittings.

As well as representing a wide range of styles, the French Design Trail will showcase innovative and intriguing ways to use both new and traditional materials. Intricately woven fabrics, semi-precious stones and magnificent installations of stunningly lit alabaster are just some of the treasures to be found along the trail.

A Trail of Two Cities

London is a melting pot of talent, culture and innovation, and its vibrant creative scene has an undeniable influence. As well as showcasing French creativity and expertise, the French Design Trail illustrates how London has inspired the designers of Paris, and how they themselves are helping to shape the city’s design culture.

In an increasingly globalised world, contemporary designers mix and mingle with international brands and collaborators on a regular basis. Focusing on French designers who have made the move into the UK market, the French Design Trail will also explore the relationship between national identity and design.

9 of the showrooms will be at Decorex International, along with other French showrooms at the pavilion Ameublement Français.

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