« Nous avons participé au French Tech Tour Canada 2015 en visant l’exploration du marché canadien pour démarrer notre activité.  Nous avons beaucoup apprécié que Business France ait rassemblé l’ensemble de ses conseillers basés en Amérique du Nord pour organiser une semaine fructueuse de coaching, de rencontres exécutifs et d’événements de réseautage, avec même une diffusion sur les ondes de Radio Canada.  Le professionnalisme de Business France a ouvert les portes de plusieurs grandes entreprises qui sont intéressées par notre valeur ajoutée.  Le monde des affaires Canadien est diffèrent au niveau culturel et structurel et NEOFI encourage d’autres jeunes entreprises français en TI d’entrer en partenariat avec l’expertise de Business France pour accéder au marché Canadien. »

Damien Pierron, NEOFI Solutions, Directeur commercial, FTT 2015


« The French Tech Tour 2014 coincided perfectly with the opening of our Canadian office and our development prospects in Canada. The UBIFRANCE professional team reached the objective to set-up C-level qualified meetings with the Canadian major companies. With excellent tracking and a good understanding of our business and our differentiators, UBIFRANCE has given us the opportunity to test the market and prepare for our arrival. 75% of these meetings are still accounts we follow, and we are in a negotiation process with some of them. In conclusion, it is a must for starting a business in Canada, which I recommend to all. »

Thierry Jaffry, Ivalua, Director Canada, FTT 2014


« Our participation in the French Tech Tour Canada 2014 has been impressively positive. Never could we obtain in such a short time as many meetings with C level executives by our own. The potential customers, partners and investors we have met have proven very well-targeted and we now discuss a step further with some of them. I would highly recommend anyone to apply for this event to optimize their time during one heavy, tiring but very effective week, thanks to FTT team. »

Patrick Mangeol, Sentinelo Chief Executive Officer, FTT 2014

« With this French Tech Tour, UBIFrance helped Systancia to craft a business development experience during a well organized week. FTT Team did a real effort to understand our targets and objectives and give us the opportunity to meet a lot of different kind of contacts such as French companies already based in Canada, investors, customers and specific partners. All this gave us a great visibility of the Quebec and Ontario’s market, exactly what we were looking for. »

Rémi Gamel, Systancia International Sales Director, FTT 2014 


« UBIFRANCE French IT Connection (ex nom du French Tech Tour) was the opportunity to complete in few days the following objectives:

– Evaluate the potential of the market (key actors and specificities of the market)

– Meet key Executive Player in order to be identified in near future as a potential partner

On the Top of that, I would recommend to participate to the Speech Elevator session done during the preparation. It was a great benefit for most of the participants in order to adapt the speech to the North America Audience. »

Alain Motard, Netgem Sales Director Americas, FIC 2013 


« The North American market was not an unknown for us but our participation in UBIFRANCE French IT Connection (ex nom du French Tech Tour) was highly valuable since it generated a great return on investment based on the number of serious sales opportunities  generated from the well qualified potential customers we had meeting with. Since initial contact, the quality of service offered by our counterparts at UbiFrance has been highly impressive. »

Philippe Theriault, eNovance Chief Commercial Officer, FIC 2013