French Tech Tour Russie 2017

Entrez au coeur de l’écosystème de l’innovation et du numérique russe et venez à la rencontre des décideurs

Événement terminé

La délégation du French Tech Tour à Skolkovo

Des investisseurs français et russes des secteurs  publics et privés se sont réunis avec des représentants de grandes et petites entreprises durant le French Tech Tour 2015. Ils ont eu l’occasion de discuter des moyens publics et des initiatives privées mis en place afin de stimuler l’innovation et l’écosystème des startups, en France et en Russie. Ces derniers ont été pu avoir une présentation des dernières tendances dans le domaine du numérique à la fois en France et en Russie. Ils ont ensuite discuté de la façon dont les initiatives menées par le gouvernement aidaient à stimuler l’innovation et l’écosystème des startups.


La table ronde en quelques mots

– Laurent Valroff, Managing director Russia & CIS, Dassault Systèmes
They are opportunities for startups to work with industry. Eager to discover new talent, new developers, new technologies.
– Jean-Christophe Bonis, Head of Strategy and Research, Oxymore Inc

Digital it’s not the web or an application it’s has been. It’s to be connected everywhere, when your devices are speaking with your entire environment. Digital transition is to be able to speak differently to your consumer. The relation of power between brands and consumers, who has now the good information at the good moment, has changed. Digital transformation is also a matter of data which is the new oil, as a company you need to understand that your value depends on the way you’re using your data, how you are transforming data in a new business model to make money, give more service, having a different relation with customers.
– Elisabeth Puissant, General Director Russia & CIS, Business France 

What ideas to support, startup and digital transformation? France loves technology, that’s why government has a huge program to help startup called la French Tech with 3 growth drivers: get engage territories (if you want to work in France you know where), 200 million euros budget to support private startup accelerators, 15 million euros budget to promote French Tech brand internationally to let everybody know we love technology. We have local IT champions with Numa the first branch world worldwide will open in Moscow. There is also the creation of French Tech Hub abroad (already two in San Francisco and Boston) and we hope that the next one will be in Moscow: our aim is to federate, accelerate, promote. Finally the French Tech Ticket, launched by our President, is created to attract foreign entrepreneurs providing visas, grant, money.
– Oleg Plaksin, Director of international projects, RVC

There is an interesting trend: main effort for Russia is to convert software development, talent into real products, learning how to listen to customers, how to solve and come out with a real product that responds to consumer’s need. Our main focus now is product development.
– Dmitry Halperin, Investment Director, Runa Capital

I see huge opportunities in large corporate as there are big problems with innovation, they need this fresh block of startups, to develop something valuable for large companies and large customers while keeping the pace of startups.
– Boris Sharov, CEO, Doctor Web

We are observing an immense flow of data which is transforming everything in companies in the world. This data flow is going the wrong direction, our challenge is to offer solutions and to fight those who wants to divert this data flows.

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