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Being a major player in the field of clean, robotized, autonomous and connected vehicles, FAAR INDUSTRY is an expert in embedded control electronics, tool development and the management of technology R & D projects.

We use rapid prototyping methodology to build robust and economical solutions tailored to the customer’s specifications and we are capable to push these solutions up to integration into mature products in mass production vehicles.

SELF-e-CAR is FAAR INDUSTRY’s OPEN AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE DEVELOPMENT PLATFORM. It is used for training engineers and evaluating technology bricks in real conditions. It is a powerful tool to improve the software related to autonomous driving technology bricks like perception of the environment and the vehicle dynamics control located in the drive supervisor. Being open it enables technology partners to easily implement their technology bricks and test them in real life conditions. Our main clients using the platform are Visteon, PSA Peugeot- Citroën, Renault, and others.

The platform was demonstrated at the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) World Congress 2015 in Bordeaux France, capable of driving autonomously on dedicated tracks and during the Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control show.

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