Abdelmalek Alaoui

CE0, Guepard Group

Abdelmalek Alaoui is a published author and the Founding CEO of Guepard Group (www.guepardgroup.com ). During his career, he has served over 100 missions for top African and European clients, including S&P 500 and CAC40 firms as well as Government leaders. M. Alaoui also elaborated several government sectorial strategies in favor of the Kingdom of Morocco, the Republic of Benin, the Republic of Congo, The republic of Togo, as well as Ethiopia.  He is featured regularly in “La Tribune” and “Forbes” as a columnist. The World Economic Forum of Davos named Mr Alaoui one of its Young Global Leader (class of 2015); on the 17th of March 2015. His latest book “Le Temps du Continent” (2017), addressing the issue of Africa’s development, received the Turgot Award for best Economics book of the year on march 2018. Mr Alaoui is a graduate from Sciences Po Paris in Political Sciences and holds an MBA from HEC Paris.