Udyen JAIN

Founder & Managing Partner, Udyen Jain & Associates


Udyen Jain is the founder and Managing Partner of Udyen Jain & Associates (UJA), an Audit, Tax, Legal and Advisory Firm.  

Qualified in 1996 as a Chartered Accountant, Udyen immediately single handedly set up UJA as a Chartered Accountant Firm in 1996.

Headquartered in Pune, with branch offices in Mumbai, Delhi & Bengaluru, UJA has rapidly grown to become a multi – disciplinary advisory & business consulting firm with a total of 150 employees.

Udyen has a vast experience on strategically advising international companies successfully establish their commercial presence in India, create their own legal entity or joint-ventures and ultimately guide them with the best practice in accounting, auditing and international taxation.

Reciprocally, Udyen also assists Indian companies explore international markets through partnerships in France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Japan, Vietnam & Dubai.

Udyen counts among his client as many foreign companies as Indian companies. These companies range across all industries and encompass all size of businesses.

To strategically advise foreign companies in India without communication or cultural gaps Udyen created inside UJA in India a dedicated French Desk headed by French as well as dedicated Italian, German, and Japanese Desks.

In 2020, UJA has been qualified as referred partner by Business France, for French companies entering the Indian market or already established in India and looking for tax, audit & other ancillary services.

In 2019, Udyen has been appointed President of the Indian Chamber of Commerce in Italy, an organization which facilitates and develops new business opportunities in India for Italian companies & in Italy for Indian companies.



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