Sebastien de PLACE

Group Partner, Mazars in South Africa

Sebastien de Place  started his career at Ernst & Young as an auditor in France, before moving to Vietnam where he spent 4 years working for Mazars as a senior auditor.

Sebastien joined the South African team in 2014 as audit manager and was promoted Mazars Group Partner (CARL) in 2020. He is the head of business development, marketing and commination for Mazars in South Africa.

He has been managing group audits and due diligences across various industry sectors & countries in the Africa region and has 12 years of global experience, skills and expertise.

Sebastien created and manages the French Desk for Mazars in South Africa. Sebastien is also in charge of developing Mazars French Desks in the region Africa and Middle East.

Sebastien is the treasurer of the French South African Chamber of Commerce, former treasurer of the European Chamber in Southern Africa, member of the CCEF (French business Trade Advisors) and member of the Institute of Risk Management in South Africa (IRMSA).