Michael BIZENU

Directeur Développement International, EST AFRICAN HOLDING

Michael Buzuayehu has been overseeing the International Business Development wing of EAH for over 8 years, responsible for expanding & growing the foreign businesses and revenues of the group.

He has been keen on identifying opportunities for new product developments and markets globally to export products that can be profitably traded in order to develop strong foreign currency reserves & sustain smooth operations of group companies. =

In addition, he has been responsible for identifying and overseeing several strategic partnerships for Joint Ventures of EAH companies.

He is keen on attracting more foreign investors to the country for continuing to forge more successful strategic partnerships by realistically assessing factors such as specific government policies geared towards investment in the private sector, the present socio-economic environment on the ground, and last but not least by forecasting future economic trends in order to develop viable business proposals accordingly and leverage on the available opportunities. This is by primarily taking into consideration the major reforms currently being undertaken by the Ethiopian government on investment policies, which led to some of the very lucrative sectors in the economy with tremendous growth prospects to be deregulated, now allowing the participation of both local and foreign investors. 

He anticipates that this event will be a good platform to network with potential strategic partners, buyers, suppliers, and government officials based in France in order to leverage on suitable opportunities for the mutual benefit of companies from both countries.


East African Holding is a leading industrial conglomerate in Ethiopia that has been playing a prominent role in industrialization of the country for the last two decades. The enterprise being established as an umbrella company comprises of sister (subsidiary) companies which operate in a variety of sectors such as manufacturing of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), agriculture, agro-processing, printing and packaging, transport, real estate, cement production and coal mining. EAH is also involved in the export of raw and value-added Ethiopian coffees and other indigenous crops. As one of the largest employers in the country, EAH currently employs over 6,000 permanent and temporary personnel. EAH produces over 100 products and provides distribution and logistics services to sister companies and external customers.