Richmond Barracks

Richmond Barracks is Dublin’s newest interactive exhibition centre, 10 minutes away from the city centre, with sufficient capacity to host simultaneously the exhibition area, talks and roundtables, B-to-B meetings and the hackathon.

Participants will be able to go freely from one event to the other, attend a talk and have a look at the projects showcased in the exhibition area or meet with like-minded people or potential business partners while the busy hackers will be working on their projects.

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The history of Richmond Barracks

Built in 1810 in response to the threat of a French invasion in the Napoleonic Wars, nearly every British Regiment would spend time at the Richmond Barracks fighting in conflicts including the Crimean War, the Boer War, and World War 1.

After the 1916 Easter Rising, Richmond Barracks would become a centrepiece in the fight for Irish Independence, housing over 3,000 suspected rebels before their sentencing. When the site was turned over to the Free State Army in 1922, it remained a keystone of working class Dublin, hosting a housing estate and a Christian Brothers’ School.