Having been developing organic cosmetics since 1972, Guerande Cosmetics is the first and only brand in the market using exclusive active natural ingredients and technology all from the salt marshes of Guerande. All the products are certified by ECOCERT and organism COSMEBIO.



Facial Water Mist with Alpine Plants

Cellular Youth Elixir

The Guérande Cellular Youth Elixir is a powerful face serum suitable for all skin types. Regenerating skin and smoothening fine lines, its innovative formula and ingredients include:

    • RED SALICORNIA, rare polyphenol with antioxidant and hydra-restructuring power. Act against premature skin ageing
    • DUNALIELLA SALINA, microalgae, powerful antioxidant, moisturizing agent & preservative

Thanks to Mother-Waters active, a new technology developed by Guérande, the Cellular Youth Elixir restores the mineral balance of skin, leaving it remineralized and firm. The skin becomes ready to receive and optimize the benefits of other Guérande face treatments.