Le Fer Savoir


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Created in 2007 in Lamastre, in the Ardèche, Le Fer Savoir is a true exposure of emotions through iron and wood. Philippe Poulard, a former woodcutter and now a blacksmith, plays with the elements of nature to create sumptuous art and decorative objects. In his quest to harmonize wood and iron, the artist works the materials with the highest respect and gives them life in various forms: characters, coat racks, mirrors, statuettes, lucky charms, clocks; so many surprising and touching creations, just like Philippe Poulard. For fifteen years now, the artist has been giving a second life to the elements he finds in the forest, brought back to his workshop and worked with care and kindness.



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 Sincerely touched by what the nature has to offer, Philippe Poulard is ecstatic with each manipulation of iron, as well as wood. Sometimes he guides the material, sometimes it guides him. This exchange between the artist and the elements of nature, Philippe Poulard sees it as consenting and respectful. Striking the iron not mechanically but with reflection, cutting the wood with caution and magnanimity, the artist takes care to listen to what nature has to say. In search of harmonization of elements and a striking result, the artist offers each creation a strong emotion, as raw than wild.


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Private residence

Private residence



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