French Tech Tour North-East Asia

Join the temples of the ICT sector



When → 6th - 15th June 2018

Where ? Taipei/Tokyo/Seoul

Engage your development in North-East Asia !

The French Tech Tour North-Est Asia is a business acceleration program which allows you, during 10 days, to fully focus on its different markets. There are 3 main objectives to it:

1 - Create concrete business opportunities: you will get personalized business meetings with large Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese companies along with potential clients and partners.

2 - Achieve a better understanding of North-East Asia business model and practice.

3 - Extend your visibility on the North East Asian markets through networking events with major actors of the ICT sector while gaining media coverage during the event.

For our partners, the French Tech Tour is renowned to be a true opportunity to detect early innovative French technologies and a provider of competitive upper hand on both local and international markets.


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