If we had to sum up this first week, some of the keywords we would use would be: insightful workshops, expert mentoring sessions, fireside chats, networking events, opening night & business development meetings with potential clients & partners. Let’s have a look back on some of the highlights of this fast-paced first week.

Day One

We welcomed our entrepreneurs with a traditional French breakfast of croissants and “pain au chocolat” to make sure they were not too disorientated from their long journey. As time is money, we quickly dove into the first topic, covering the main issues French startups need to be aware of as they arrive in the US. After receiving insightful tips from Christophe Ménard in New York and Jerem Febvre in San Francisco, co-founders of Sublime Skinz, our entrepreneurs quickly shifted their focus on the pitch, a key aspect of their US development. The aim of the pitching sessions, run by our marketing experts Page Alloo & Pam Smith, was for our CEOs to sharpen their presentation and delivery in order to tailor it to an American audience. Our entrepreneurs will repeatedly deliver these pitches throughout the 10 week program, whether in front of our network of partners and mentors, or panels of VCs and Angel investors.

Day Two

Tuesday morning’s workshop was the opportunity to learn how to be efficient at networking and how to best prepare oneself in making new meaningful connections. Our CEOs also continued to work on their pitch in a group session format so that they could gather feedback from the other participants.

Above all, Tuesday was the Opening Night on the West Coast where the founders of Dawex, Fidzup, Hydrao, Livemon, PlumeLabs, Predicsis, Quasardb and Saagie were introduced to the audience and announced their ambition to tackle the US market.

Impact team SF

San Francisco Impact Startups are ready to crack the U.S. market

This event was the first opportunity for them to put their one-minute pitch to the test in front of a crowd composed of alumni of the program, mentors, entrepreneurs and VCs who will come back for the demo day to measure the progress made throughout the program. We highly recommend you save the dates for our two Demo Days: June 21st in New York and June 22nd in San Francisco!

Day Three & Four

On Wednesday, entrepreneurs in San Francisco had the opportunity to meet Kristel Kruustük, founder and CEO at Testlio, who shared her entrepreneurial story with us. It was both compelling and useful for our startups to learn how she manages her intercontinental team, with her technical team based in Estonia and her sales and marketing organization based in San Francisco.

Our legal sponsor, Orrick hosted two workshops in both New York and San Francisco and delivered quick & actionable insights on how to protect Intellectual Property of startups.

This first week was also the opportunity for startups to pitch in specific events. For example, Dawex and Hydrao had the chance to pitch at the Smart City Tech meeting powered by Open Innovation City:

On Thursday night, the East coast eagerly kicked off their Opening Night.

NY Impact team

NY kicking-off their Opening Night 

Day 5

In New York, Jonathan Benhamou, CEO @Peopledoc and Nick Turner VP US Sales @Botify explained how to deal with Corporate Relationships while the last workshop of the week in San Francisco focused on how to ace your business meetings.

Image uploaded from iOS (9)

Ace your Business Meeting with Matt Ekstrom & Julien Boubel

After a long & productive week, we decided to wrap up the day with a couple of drinks near our campus. Still jet lagged & restless, our entrepreneurs must catch some shut eye in order to be ready for an eventful second week. The best is yet to come so stay tuned!

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