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ZI BP 23

61700 Domfront

Who are we ?

For more than 50 years, Moteurs JM has designed, manufactured and sold special water cooled electric motors throughout the world.


What we do ?

Our goal is to be the supplier of choice in Europe and worldwide for protected electric motors, designed for demanding environments (temperature, humidity, salinity, aggressive gas, vacuum, pressure, dust, irradiation, vibration…), in the small to medium range of power (from 1 to 500KW), based on our client’s specific requirements, for small to medium batch manufacturing.

We aim at being the reference in terms of :

  • Quality, Reliability (resistance-durability) &Compactness
  • Adaptability to clients specification (exclusivity, assistance, guidance in motors design and definition)
  • Reactivity in design (ability to propose and innovate) and in production
  • Capability in maintaining and refitting motors