Founder and CEO, HELIOREC (Paris, France / Skolkovo, Russie)

Polina is a passionate environmental entrepreneur, with two master’s degrees in Chemistry and Renewable Energy. With an indomitable determination and boundless enthusiasm, Polina’s motto is “Let’s make this world a better place”.
After a successful 14-year career in the oil and gas industry, Polina decided to make a fundamental career change and do something useful for the planet.
As active traveler and diver, Polina saw many beautiful places ruined by negative anthropogenic impacts and based on her personal experience and internal feelings, she decided to change her career’s path from « black » side of fossil fuel to « green » side of renewable energy. She left her rich, comfortable life and moved into renewable energy technologies without any doubts!
Both her trainings and vast working experience led to her found HelioRec company with a strong mission is producing clean energy through reducing greenhouse gas emission, effective plastic waste management, and land scarcity mitigation.
Polina, as a winner of the first Women in Green Tech International Awards, believes that offshore floating solar is the next new sector in the energy industry and with additional features of HelioRec’s technology it can find wide positive applications around the globe.