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Who are we?

ADEQUALY provides a solution called ELEONE to answer ramp up production getting shorter and quality issue.

After 4 years of R&D, they developed ELEONE, an innovative range of automated control solutions. The major innovation of this system is the use of autonomous mechatronic sensors that collect several dimensional measurement points simultaneously.

Until ELEONE the numerous dimensional checks (checking fixtures and comparators) necessary to reach mandatory quality standards were done manually, as existing means of automation available on the market were expensive and difficult to implement and retrofit.

ELEONE is a solution to connect and automatize fast and cost effective manual checking fixtures. It is an agile solution composed of patented sensors mounted easily on checking fixtures bushings and wired through USB cables to a computer with a piloting software running on Windows Operating System. ELEONE takes 3 different shapes: a case with 20 sensors, a trolley with 40, or a customized solution.

International clients

  • AUTOMATIVE: Valeo, Faurecia, Benteler, Mecaplast Group
  • ENERGY: Arcelor Mittal
  • HOME APPLIANCES: Fagor Brandt, Seb




: +33 247 297 460


Sales Assistant

: +33 247 463 030


Sales Assistant

: +33 247 463 030