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8 rue des Feivres,
BP 55121,
357074 METZ CEDEX 3,

+33 387 768 690
Who are we?

Visuol Technologies develop and supply solutions to detect aspect defects on materials (plastics, composites, glass, metal, etc.). They guarantee accuracy based on high-resolution imaging and measured data to replace subjective and variable eye inspections. Thanks to their inspection machines, quality levels are enhanced by consistent and objective measurements as well as traceability.

Clients from the transportation, glass, medical industries and research institutes measure the quality of their products and can classify them thanks to Visuol’s sensors. Visuol’s technology also allows them to validate new processes or materials.

Visuol Technologies design and build a wide range of user-friendly machines to suit laboratories and production environments, combining high-end and innovative optical technologies. The company is one of very few in the world truly specialized in deflectometry.

Our International Clients
  • AUTOMATIVE: General Motors, Honda, Ford, Mc Laren, Renault, PSA
  • AERONAUTICS: Safran, Boeing, Airbus
  • GLASS & VITROCERAMICS: Saint Gobain, Corning
  • MEDICAL DEVICES: Essilor, Bausch & Lomb, Menicon


: +33 387 768 690
Karen PUY
Sales & Marketing Manager
: +33 387 768 692

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