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Let’s stop single use now. We offer a new cleaning experience to fight against disposable cups in businesses. Our machine cleans, desinfects and dries our glass in a few seconds without any chemical, only steam.


In France, we are using 5 billions disposable cups per year. In US, 14.4 billions of disposables cups are used per year.
For now, the easiest solution to avoid this, is to clean your mug in the toilets, with a lot of water and soap.
In 2019 auum decided to create a totally new experience of ultra fast ecological cleaning.
Yello-1 is the first auum machine which cleans, disinfects and dries glasses in a few seconds without any chemical, only steam. To clean your mug you need 2 liters of water. With 2 liters, Yello-1 cleans 100 glasses.
auum has already registered two patents. The first one about the technologies of steam creation, and the second one about the shape of its specific cleaning tool.
We offer businesses to get out of the disposable, reduce their waste, increase the brand image of the company.