Stephan RICHARD, Co-founder & CBO
+ 1 408 505 2175


Joué is a music innovation company creating engaging, playful instruments and software. Its modular pads and lightweight but durable boards can be used right out of the box or customized via MIDI commands. Based in Bordeaux, Joué designs and manufactures its instruments and components out of environmentally friendly materials in France. Its culture and production practices reflect a deep commitment to human creativity and environmental sustainability.


The Joué is a MIDI controller already sold to experienced musicians to play drums, guitar, keyboard and more. Musicians can make a beat, add a piano sound, then switch to a distorted guitar solo in a snap.

The Joué PLAY is our upcoming consumer product offering to help aspiring musicians make, play and share music. A younger audience which loves music, play and wants to share their creations with their friends and the world.