BP 1030 – 51318 Epernay CEDEX

Headquarters : 64 rue de la Liberté



‘Beaumont des Crayères’ is the name of one of the finest vineyards in Mardeuil, the emblem of an outstanding terroir. ‘Beaumont’ alludes to its hillside location, guaranteeing ideal exposure to sunshine and natural soil drainage. ‘Crayères’ refers to the hallmark chalky subsoil of the finest Champagne vineyards.

Vines belonging to Beaumont des Crayères are firmly rooted in the hillsides around Epernay, in the heart of Champagne, right on the edge of the Marne valley. A real patchwork formed of myriad individual vineyards, it combines the three great Champagne grape varieties. Pinot meunier for roundness and fruit character; Chardonnay for freshness and finesse; and Pinot noir for body and length. The wealth and articulacy of Beaumont des Crayères Champagne stems from this extensive diversity.

Mardeuil is one of the Champagne growths most highly renowned for the quality of its Pinot meunier. Well-suited to the climate of the Marne valley, it fully reveals itself when grown on the chalky subsoils of the rolling countryside around Epernay. Dubbed ‘the archetypal Champagne variety’, Pinot meunier accounts for over 60% of the varietal range at Beaumont des Crayères Champagne.