Georges Ucko

Georges Ucko

Head of Transportation North America

30 years in the automotive industry. Based in Chicago, Illinois. 

Appointed Head of Transportation at Business France North America in 2006, Georges oversees exports of French Automotive and Rail companies to North America and the investments of French companies in that region.

Molly Swart

Molly Swart

Senior Trade Advisor - Transportation

30 years in the automotive industry. Based in Detroit,Michigan.

Molly ensures the liaison for French automotive industries doing business in the U.S., assisting them in attracting and retaining U.S. customers, marketing their products, and organizing their deployment in the U.S.

Paul Lagrange

Paul Lagrange

Trade Advisor - Transporation & Mobility

Based in Chicago, 


Paul supports the strategic and business development of French automotive and mobility companies in the U.S. accelerating their cooperation with the major playors of the industry.

Business France is a government agency supporting the international development of the French economy. The Automotive team is based in Chicago, Detroit and San Francisco, with a mission to help French technology startups in their U.S. expansion. Through programs such as Ubimobility, our goal is to provide qualified companies with access to unique resources and contacts to help them grow on a global scale.




Bpifrance, the public investment bank, is a trusted partner for entrepreneurs, and finances businesses through loans, guarantees, and equity during all stages, from the seed phase to transfer and listing on the stock exchange. Bpifrance offers businesses a solution to their financing needs during every step of their development.

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